Irrigation Department

There are 5 Executive Engineer who look after the work of irrigation & flood in District Jind. There are four tehsils namely Jind, Safidon, Narwana and Julana. Jind and Safidon tehsil come under the command of Yamuna Canal under the administrative control of S.E.

Y.W.S. Circle Jind & Narwana tehsil comes under the Bhakra system under the administrative control of S.E./BWS Kaithal.

In Y.W.S. Circle, Jind there are two Nos division namely Jind water Services Division, Jind under the charge of Executive Engineer & under this division there are 3 Nos. Sub Divisions namely Jind/Julana/Pillukhera. Under this division there are 13 drain with a length of 67.77 KM & 40. Canals having a length is 64343 Hectors. Out of this the canal water was provided to 38463 Hect. in Kharif & 37910 Hect. in Rabi.

Safidon WS Division, Safidon

In this division there are 3 sub-division namely Anta, Safidon & Rojla. This division looks after the 19 drains having a length of 90 KM & 14 canals having a length of 122 KM. The total area under irrigation is 32266 Hect out of this the total canal water supplied in Kharif is 14420 Hect & 12437 Hect. for Rabi.

Narwana BWS Division, Narwana

In this division there are 3 sub division namely Narwana, Sudkan, Dhamtan sub-division. In this division there are 49 canals with a length of 507 KM & 17 drains with a length of 75 KM. The total area in irrigation is 100069 Hect. Out of which total area irrigated is 82783 hect. in both the crops.

Jind Water Services Mech. Division

This divisions looks after the work of maintenance & repairing of pumps for flood operation. In this division there is one SDO at Jind. There are 22 pump houses site with 57 vertical pumps having a capacity of 479 Cs. Besides this, there are 69 diesel pumping sets having a capacity of 138 Cs & 72 electric pumps having a capacity of 198 Cs. The maintenance & reparing is a responsibility of this division.

Construction Division no. 26, Jind

This division is under the administrative control of S.E. Construction Circle, Panipat. In this division there are 5 Nos. SDO. They mainly look after work of construction & rehabilitation of canals under world Bank Project.