Right to Service

          The Haryana Right To Service(RTS) Act, 2014

The power to seek hassle free, corruption free and time bound service delivery in the government offices.

An Act to provide for the delivery of service to eligible person within the notified time limits and for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto.

As per this Act:

  • a. An eligible person shall make a duly filled in application to the Designated Person for obtaining any service.
  • b. The Designated Officer shall provide the service to the eligible person or reject the application within the notified time limit, and in case of rejection of application, shall record the reasons in writing and intimate the same to the applicant.
  • c. Notified time limit shall start from the date when requisite complete application for the notified service is received by the Designated Officer or a person subordinate to him authorized to receive the application. Such application shall be duly acknowledged.
  • d. Any eligible person may file an appeal to the higher authorities in case a citizen faces rejection without a satisfactory reason or if the notified timeline is not followed.
  • e. Haryana Right to Service Commission has been constituted to guarantee the right to service under this Act.