Cooperative Deparment

Jind Distt. is represented by 3 Assistant Registrar, Cooperative Societies Headquarter at Jind,Safidon and Narwana. Assistant Registrar, Coop. Societies, and Jind represent Jind Sub-Division with 5 Inspectors, Coop. Societies, Headquarter at Jind- I, II, III, Julana and Alewa. The Deputy Registrar, Cooperative Societies who’s headquartering is at Rohtak is the controlling officer and have overall administrative control have the Coop. Societies as well as sub-offices.

The Assistant Registrar. Coop. Societies, Jind is the registration authority of Coop. Societies and to watch over and supervise their function. The Inspectors are working under the control of Asstt, Registrar, and Coop. Societies and are helping for smooth working of the Coop. Societies. The Asstt. Registrar, Coop. Societies is responsible for the healthy growth and development of the Cooperative Movement in his jurisdiction. The Cooperative Movement has grown over years and earns a number of activities like Agriculture Industries, Marketing, Consumer Stores, Labour & Construction, House Building, Poultry, Transport Societies and Banking. The department arranges credit requirements, Agriculture, Marketing, Consumer goods and other needs of Societies. The details of societies functioning in the Sub-Division, Jind are as under:-

Sr.No. Kind of Societies Number
1 Central Coop. Bank 1
2 P.A.D.B 2
3 L/C Union 1
4 Central Coop. Consumer Store 1
5 Primary Coop. Store. 2
6 Coop. Mktg. Societies 4
7 Mini Banks (PACS) 56
8 Service Societies 2
9 Farming Societies 5
10 S.C.L.O.Socs 29
11 Industrial Socs 39
12 L/C Societies 102
13 House Building Socs 13
14 Salary Earners T/C Socs. 33
15 Poultry Socs 1
16 TPT Socs. 240
17 Sugar Mills 1